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Unveiling KDCL: Kentville Development Corporation Unveils Strategic Plan

Posted on March 7, 2014

 Tuesday evening saw the unveiling of KDCL’s exciting strategic direction for the next 3-5 years.  Designer Café, Kentville, was the backdrop to KDCL’s reception where President Cate Savage and Members of The Board of Directors introduced the Organization’s long term goals for business development in the Town of Kentville.

KDCL’s Vision, “A vibrant business and service sector in our growing and prosperous community” will be supported through five areas of focus; Business Development, People and Community, Infrastructure and Investment, Marketing and Communication, and Advocacy.

“We are extremely proud of this plan and pleased with the support of the local business community and The Town of Kentville, both of who will be critical partners in meeting the goals” states Cate Savage. “There is much work to do, and it won’t happen overnight, but the timing of this focus and the commitment to get things done is exactly what Ray Ivany’s “Now or Never” report has challenged us to do.  Together, with our stakeholders and partners, we can help business in Kentville, and the community as a whole, prosper and grow.”

Both KDCL and Dave Corkum, Mayor of Kentville, acknowledged the work of past Board members and recognized that each piece of the journey has played a role in where the organization is today. 

Joining Savage on the current KDCL Board of Directors are: Leigh Morrison, Vice President, Geoff Muttart, Secretary, David Fagan, Treasurer, Jason Blanchard, Sue Hayes, Frances Schaagen, Wes Rand, Betty Ann Balcolm, Gary Morse and Lindsay Young.

KDCL is in the final stages of hiring a fulltime Chief Operating Officer. “Having a dedicated person to move this plan along successfully will be critical.  We are very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.  Working with other organizations such as The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the REN will make our ability to success even stronger.”


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