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Cornwallis building to finish the addition in July 2014

Posted on April 22, 2014

 Construction at the Cornwallis Inn is under way again with a target date of July 31 for completion, Cornwallis Developments Limited and HarbourEdge Mortgage Investment Corporation announced today.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Cornwallis Developments Limited to complete the necessary work at the historic Cornwallis Inn over the next few months,” says Tim Dwyer, president of HarbourEdge Mortgage Investment Corporation. “This construction project has our complete support and we look forward to working with Alex and Michelle Filimon to finish the last 11 units.”

Built in 1929, The Cornwallis Inn was considered one of the most architecturally beautiful hotels in Canada, until it closed its doors in 1973. Since the 1970s it has operated as residential and commercial space.

Alex Filimon purchased the property in 2010 and began renovating the building, including all new windows, three roofs, a new heating system courtesy of TMD Marine, as well as  many upgrades in the residential units. When complete, the building will feature 80 residential rental units.

“Our vision is for the Cornwallis Inn to be a vibrant, mixed-use community hub, while retaining most of the structural dignity of when this landmark building was first built,” says Alex Filimon, president of Cornwallis Developments Limited. “We will work hard to achieve this vision with the support of the community.”

Over the last four years, many improvements have been made to the building and Mr. Filimon says Cornwallis Develoments will continue to do so.

“We are open for business and we welcome the community to come and talk to us about residential and commercial spaces,” he says.

The commercial space is ideal for professionals and small businesses – from doctor’s and accountant’s offices to childcare and coffee shop space.

For more information, call Cornwallis Development Limited at 678.4100.


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