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Congratulations Kentville Tennis Students!

Posted on August 5, 2014

Congratulations to CANgaroo Tennis trained Kentville tennis players in their provincial tournament results!

South Shore Open:

Aaron MacIntosh – Finals U16

Zack Mason – Semi-Finals U14

Keegan Ardenburg – Semi-Finals U16

Sam Norris – Semi-Finals U16

Jacob Selfridge – Quarter Finals U16

Halifax Regional Open:

Aaron MacIntosh – Semi-Finals U16

Zack Mason – Semi-Finals U14

Keegan Ardenburg – Quarter Finals U16

Sam Norris – Quarter Finals U16

Mason/MacIntosh (Doubles) – Quarter Finals U16

Norris/Ardenburg (Doubles) – Semi Finals U16

Zack Godbout – Quarter Finals U12

Due to not having an indoor facility to train in year round, these players are at par with HRM students who do train year round, while training a quarter of the amount! Special thanks to Coach Aaron Cumberland for his efforts to take the Annapolis Valley to a new level never seen before outside of Halifax and to the parents who’s support has been nothing short of tremendous! We will have some provincial champions and soon national champions from Kentville in the near future! Stay in touch with how our players are doing in the Valley and what opportunities you have to get out and learn from the masters, headquartered right here in Kentville, CANgaroo Tennis