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Pumpkin People Theme Announced for 2014!

Posted on August 19, 2014

Pretty in Pumpkin: The Pumpkin People go 80’s!

AVR announced Live on Air Tuesday morning the official theme for the 2014 Pumpkin People Festival in Kentville.

The Town ran it’s first ever Theme Picking  Competition on Facebook earlier in the month to help with the generation of ideas for the popular annual fall festival.  Participants submitted their ideas from which the Town’s selection Committee chose a winner.  “It get’s harder and harder each year to choose a theme that hasn’t already been done, and sometimes we get stuck, so it seemed like a great idea to crowd source some different ideas from valley residents” says Mayor Dave Corkum.  “Staff suggested the contest and I thought it was a great idea.  It’s always fun to get our residents involved in things we are working on.”  

The winner?  Sally Schofield! Sally submitted the idea of “80’s Movies” which prompted the committee to come up with a final theme of,  “Pretty in Pumpkin; The Pumpkin People go 80’s!”  (A take on the popular 80’s movie “Pretty in Pink”)

Congratulations to Sally who has won a 25.00 gift certificate to any Kentville Business of her choosing!  Stay tuned to the events section of the website for all the details about this years Pumpkin People Festival kicking off on October 4th.


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