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Kentville Recreation improving food security with edible planters

Posted on May 5, 2015

The Kentville Community Garden Society, in partnership with Blomidon Nurseries, Harvest Land Design, and the Valley Community Learning Association is launching an innovative new program utilizing Kentville’s downtown planter boxes. The purpose of the program is to establish community garden spaces that will promote learning about small scale food production, the development of citizenry and community pride, and introduce the idea of food growing in public spaces to Kentville citizens.

Kentville community organizations and businesses will take responsibility for planting and maintaining Kentville’s existing downtown containers for the 2015 growing season. Partners who will be adopting planters include Farms to School, Little Pumpkins Daycare, Open Arms, Treasure House Soup Kitchen, Valley Community Learning Association; Kentville Food Bank, Refuge/Youth Portal, Project HOPE, Shelter N.S., Beacon House, the Evangeline Club, Blomidon Nurseries, Harvest Land Design and the Kentville Farmers Market. Rachel Bedingfield, Director of Parks and Recreation is excited about the project saying, “It’s really inspiring to see how many community groups and organizations wanted to become involved in this project. The groups are excited to take advantage of this really cool learning opportunity”.

Blomidon Nurseries will supply  information sheets on plants, herbs and vegetables planted in each container to educate the participating community groups, Public Health is providing the printing. Other resources are being provided to the groups as well. “Our participants will be educated about how to apply for food stamps in texas,  proper watering techniques, natural fertilizing practices, general container maintenance, harvesting times and proper methods for preserving and storing after harvest. The educational piece is a really important part of the program,” says Bedingfield.

Blomidon Nurseries and Harvest Land Design will be taking the lead on Planting Day to train and guide groups through the process and make sure plantings in the containers are done successfully. As a group they are committed to taking responsibility for the containers and will also oversee the permit and assignment of containers to individuals and groups. A public meeting is scheduled for May 7th at Town Hall and Planting Day is scheduled for May 8th. For more information or to get involved contact Rachel Bedingfield, or 902-679-2541.