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Kentville Centennial Arena Closure – UPDATED

Posted on June 23, 2015


The Town of Kentville wishes to inform the community that the Centennial Arena will continue to operate at a limited capacity.  The Town continues to work with engineers in order to assess and create a work plan.  The required repairs are associated with a single beam supporting the roof structure.  At this time it is anticipated that the facility will remain operating at limited capacity for an additional 4-6 weeks.  The findings of the building assessment have concluded that the concern is isolated to a deficit associated with one particular beam within the roofing system.  There is no clear indication of what specifically caused the failure, although there is a possibility that it is related to a deficiency that occurred during fabrication.  There remains no concern of structural failure associated with the arena.

Use of the arena for the next 4 to 6 weeks will be limited. The town and its officials are working hard to have these repairs carried out so that normal ice operations can recommence as scheduled. Any questions regarding the booking of the arena or facility inquiries should be directed towards the Kentville Parks and Recreation Department at 902-679-2540 or to Facility Manager Kevin Bennett at 902-680-6407.

Editorial contact: Lindsay Young
Community Development Coordinator, Town of Kentville

Phone: 902-679-2549