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New Chair Lift Increases Accessibility at Kentville Pool

Posted on July 20, 2015

A new chair lift was delivered and installed at the Kentville Memorial Pool last week thanks to a donation made by the Kentville Rotary Club.The new chair lift will greatly increase accessibility to the pool, and allow swimmers who may have some difficulties getting in and out to easily enter and exit the water.  The chair tops off the list of other changes that have taken place recently in order to open up the pool to swimmers of all abilities.  Earlier in the season the wading pool was removed and accessible parking spaces were added.  Memorial Pool is open twice daily for Public Swims, an adult swim and is also available to rent for private parties.  See a full schedule here.

Cover Photo left to right: Pool Director Neiley Terrio, Mayor Corkum, CAO Mark Phillips, Rec Director Rachel Bedingfield, Councilor Bill Boyd, Rotary Member Bob Dobrota, & Rotary Member Carl Kent.

Below: Pool Director Neiley Terrio tries out the new chair lift while Recreation Director Rachel Bedingfield and Mayor Corkum look on.