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Increased Access to Kentville Council Documents

Posted on January 22, 2016

The Town of Kentville has made some changes to the website in order to provide better access to Council and CAC meeting packages.

Hard copies of Council Meeting packages have always been provided to the media, and made available at meetings for the public who attend.  Starting January 2016, now interested parties can access full meeting packages online following meetings!  Meeting packages include recommendation reports, staff reports from all departments, financial updates and projections and any correspondence submitted to Council for discussion.  The first package has now been uploaded.  Interested parties can see the meeting packages online here: by opening the agenda for a meeting and clicking on hyperlinks within the document to view corresponding material.

The first meeting package uploaded was from the January 11th meeting of CAC and it can be viewed here:

The Town is hopeful that by allowing better access to meeting packages, citizens will find it easier to become better informed and more engaged in issues before Council each month.