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Dedicated Police Presence for Downtown Kentville Block

Posted on January 25, 2016

Due to rising concerns and communication from the business community regarding compliance with the Peace and Good Order and Smoke free Public Places bylaws, Acting Police Chief Ken Reade issued a directive in response.

The Kentville Police Commission deemed it necessary that a more in depth discussion be held regarding the Police Department’s response to these issues, at the January 21st meeting of the Commission.  One of the primary roles of the commission is to provide direction and oversight to the department concerning police resource use and department prioritization.   There has been much debate at the Town Council and Commission levels recognizing that a balance of education and enforcement needs to be applied to ensure bylaw compliance. The discussion prompted Acting Police Chief, Ken Reade to issue the following directive to the department and its members:

As a result of concerns related to Block Presence and issues, the following directive will take place effective January 21st.

When there are three members working dayshifts Monday through Fridays 8:00 am-4:00 pm one of the three officers will be detailed to the block on foot patrols to deal with the following issues: Loitering, Smoking, Swearing and foul /rude comments.

When only two members are on shift every effort to have a member on foot patrols will be made contingent to operational needs.

Kenneth W. Reade, Acting Chief of Police

It was highlighted that in addition to the regular platoon, the Kentville Police Service has a Chief, an Inspector, 2 special officers and a bylaw enforcement officer available to respond to community calls most weeks from Monday to Friday when the compliment is fully staffed.  Mayor David Corkum is optimistic the directive will have an immediate impact downtown, saying, “As a result of this directive from the Acting Chief, we at Town Hall and the Business Community downtown have an expectation that we will see officers on the block concentrating on areas where the majority of complaints come from, Webster Street and Centre Square.  The Police Service and the Town fully expect to receive calls if officers are not seen”.  It is hoped that with an increased presence downtown, citizens will become better aware of the bylaws which will help address the issue of non-compliance.

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