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KDCL Moving Forward with top priority items

Posted on February 19, 2016

The Board of Directors for the Kentville Development Corporation Limited (KDCL) informed its membership in mid-January about changes within the organization.  That announcement made reference to a “new direction” for the organization at an operational level.  The Board of Directors wishes to further educate stakeholders about the direction in which KDCL plans to take its members, the organization, and ultimately the Kentville Business Community at large.

The Goals, Objectives, and Actions that make up KDCL’s Strategic plan have not changed, and the Board remains steadfast in their overall vision for Kentville.  The way in which these goals will be achieved has altered somewhat, with emphasis being placed more squarely on short term deliverables and special project completion.   Specifically, KDCL has identified top priority items from within the Strategic Plan.  Projects include a facade improvement program for downtown, a parking review and recommendation to Council on behalf of their membership, and re-connecting with members through strategic communications better utilizing the KDCL website, business contact list and social media avenues.

The Town of Kentville is providing interim support through the planning department, specifically through the office of the Community Economic Development Coordinator.  KDCL is pleased to have the continued support and commitment from the Town, and together KDCL will move forward in a beneficial manner for all Kentville residents and business owners.

Inquiries regarding KDCL and its operations including updates on current projects and programs should be directed to or to President Catherine Savage directly.


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