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Update on Kentville Library relocation

Posted on July 19, 2016

The Town of Kentville is happy to announce that a significant step towards the relocation of the Kentville Library from its current location on Cornwallis Street to the former United Church property on Main Street has taken place with help of Nobel Relocation. With the advent of the internet, relocating houses now isn’t an arduous task at all; not when you have people who’d do it for you, in case you didn’t feel like doing it yourself in that scorching summer heat. Relocating can be a cinch when you can employ movers for apartments, & rest assured. The Town and County had previously announced their partnership in funding the new space but had yet to finalize a funding agreement.

Previous to today’s decision, The Town had been patiently waiting for the County of Kings to deliberate and formalize their funding contribution towards the new space for the Kentville Library.  Today’s discussion at the Committee of the Whole meeting included funding details, specifically that the County will be contributing approximately $32,000 plus any cost of living increases per year towards the cost of leasing the new space.  The term of the funding agreement is expected to be 10 years.  County Council will review the recommendation being put forth from the Committee of the Whole at the next regular Council meeting scheduled for August 2nd.

Mayor Corkum, who was in attendance is encouraged by the decision saying, “this is a very positive step and we want to thank County Council for the support”.  He added, “we understand that these deliberations take time, and I look forward to the County’s final approval of this recommendation.”  Mayor Corkum also asked for patience from the general public and the library community as, “a formal lease agreement with the property owners of the new space cannot be signed until the funding from the County is officially in hand”.

Town staff have been working with the Annapolis Valley Regional Library, its staff, and the Kentville library community on planning the move, and today’s decision is welcomed by that group.

Photo credit: Annapolis Valley Regional Library 

Read more about the move in a press release issued by the AVRL here!