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Town sells Former KCA Lands to Brison Developments

Posted on August 3, 2016

The Town of Kentville is pleased to announce that it has finalized the sale of the former KCA lands at 25 School Street to Brison Developments.  The site will be developed into residential housing to be known as “Academy Place”.  The Town has been working with Brison Developments for the past year to determine what the future development of the site will look like.

Brison has appeared at the last 2 Kentville Home Shows advertising and promoting the plans for the site.  The company has also engaged interested parties at a number of public meetings to gauge interest in the development.  It is anticipated that the site will have a total of 120 units.  Housing on the site will include 3, 4, and 5 unit dwellings. Larger 24-36 unit dwellings are under consideration for future phases of the work to be done, but will depend on market demands and housing trends.

The Town is very pleased to have this sale concluded.  CAO Mark Phillips said, “We are very happy with the proposed plans for the site and the housing options that will be added to the Town.  Mayor Corkum seconded that sentiment saying, “Council and I are extremely pleased with this new development, and we are proud that the site has transitioned from its past use to its future use within the term of this Council”.

Brison Developments is provincially known and has a significant presence in Kentville already, including MacDougall Heights and in North Kentville in Eagle Landing.  There will be future consultations scheduled with Brison Developments for community members and potential residents of the new residential development.

The property itself became vacant in 2012, at which time the Town took ownership.  The full demolition of the former school buildings was completed in 2014.  The Town has had several inquiries on the property since listing it, Brison being the most recent.

Editorial contact: CAO Mark Phillips
Phone: 902-679-2501