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New Kentville Library Lease officially Signed!

Posted on September 26, 2016

The Town of Kentville is excited to announce that the lease for the new Kentville Library located at 440 Main Street has been officially signed.  Mayor Corkum and John Parsons signed the lease agreement on Friday Sept 23rd which as Mayor Corkum says, “formalizes the handshake agreement we had been operating under until the actual agreement was ready”.  Corkum said renovations were well underway and credits Parsons Investments with being a “very cooperative developer who is just as determined as we are to make the new Library a huge success.”

Work to be done includes the installation of an “everybody ramp” which will allow access into the community room space for anyone regardless of their level of physical ability.  The new Library will also feature designated spaces for children, teens and adults.  An artistic rendering of the space and how it will look is forthcoming and will be released to the public when available.

Pictured: Left, Mayor David L. Corkum, Right, John Parsons.

Editorial Contact: Rachel Bedingfield.