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Kentville receives building donation

Posted on December 21, 2016

The Town of Kentville received an early Christmas present this month in the form of a donation of a well-known downtown landmark building.  The estate of the late Doug Macdonald donated the building at 34 Cornwallis, also known locally as the “Calkin Building” to the Town of Kentville with the idea that the Town could best facilitate its future use. 

The Town of Kentville extends a warm thank you to the estate for the donation.  “We think this is an ideal development opportunity for the Town of Kentville”, said Mayor Sandra Snow.

CAO Mark Phillips said the building is sound and though he anticipates needing to address some “safety and accessibility related issues” in the near future the building is sound.  “It’s been an anchor building in the downtown for a long time and has been home to many businesses and tenants over the years”, he added.

The exact future of the building is unknown at this time, but when the opportunity to receive the building presented itself, the Town discussed it with KDCL and both organizations are excited about the potential.   Early discussions have included the potential for a new home for the Farmers Market, a space for arts and culture focused initiatives and a small business incubation Hub.  “There has been a renewed interest in the downtown lately by local entrepreneurs and we want people to know that Kentville is open for business.  We are excited about the potential of this building”, Said Snow.

The Town fully expects that a strategic approach to managing the building will ensure that future uses will both complement the existing business environment in downtown Kentville, help to attract new businesses and foster business growth.



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