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Trailblazers Community Exploration March Break Camp 2017

Posted on February 28, 2017

Kentville Recreation’s March Break Camp 2017 is a four day Trailblazers style camp run by this year’s Trailblazers leaders Beth Ross and Emily LeGrand. Our goal for this week is to explore!

We are excited to explore and have safe, enlivening adventures in our community alongside friendly, cooperative, robust and curious children. Space is limited for this camp and registration is not first come first served.  Register for this camp now!  The selection process will address gender equity, nature experience, maturity and physical confidence.

We plan to use public spaces in the Kentville and Wolfville areas for outdoor exploration and community experiences. This includes hikes, games, unstructured play, campfire cookouts, nature art, walking around town, taking the bus to Wolfville, visiting the public library, and so on. We hope that participating children will come away from the week feeling confident to explore their community on their own terms. We’ll learn how to plan an adventure together, read a map, use the bus, check out a library book, cook over a fire, walk around town safely and more.

For these adventures and experiences to be possible, we are looking for children who are ready and open to these experiences. We are looking for friendly, cooperative, physically and emotionally robust, and curious children- kids who can be like ducks and let things just roll off and go with the flow. If you’ve got an adventurous, robust duck or two on your hands, send them our way!

Camp Details:
Camp Runs from March 13 to 16th (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Cost: $100* Children ages 7-13 Application Deadline: 4:30 pm on March 8, 2017

Register for this camp now!