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Town of Kentville Commits $150,000 for Kentville Skate Park

Posted on March 24, 2017

Kentville Town Council committed $150,000 in funding to go towards a new skate park in Kentville at its regular meeting on March 20th.

During a presentation to Council, President of the Kentville Skate Park Association Matt MacLeod described the vision of the association to create a skateboard park that would cater to local residents as well as be a tourist attraction to residents from other towns and regions.
“This park has the potential to bring kids and families to the valley for active recreation and socializing while adding to the diversity of economic development opportunities through skate shops and other goods and services,” McLeod stated during his presentation.  “The Association believes that 2017 is the year we can make this park happen.”

The project will include design, landscaping, skateboard features, access and parking.  The total cost of the project is approximately $750,000, with the Town of Kentville contributing $150,000.  The Federal government has offered a tentative grant of $100,500 for the project contingent on provincial funding. The Association has applied to the provincial Recreational Facility Development grant for $150,000 which would leverage the federal grant contribution.  The Association is appealing to the Municipality of the County of Kings to contribute $150,000 and has fundraised just under $100,000 to-date.

“This project has a perfect storm of success- a dedicated registered association, community engagement, and cost sharing commitments from all levels of government,” stated Sandra Snow, Mayor of the Town of Kentville.  “This project will symbolize our Canada 150 celebrations, and will be a place of pride as Centennial Arena was when it was built in 1967, the Centennial year.”

The Town of Kentville is urging the County of Kings and the Province of Nova Scotia to commit the final funding required to begin construction of the skateboard park.


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