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Robinson Building Update

Posted on May 29, 2017

Did you know that the Town of Kentville is taking steps to improve the iconic downtown Robinson Building?  We want you to read the staff report about this building, and let us know what you think should happen at this site!

Please read the report and give us your feedback in one of the following ways:

Call us: 902-679-2503         Email us: 

Come by to chat: 354 Main Street, Jennifer’s office is on the second floor


Here is everything you need to know:

The staff report describes the state of the building, and the work that needs to be put into the site to bring it back to its former glory.

Excerpt from the staff report:

“This downtown property has the potential to host a landmark commercial complex, a mixed residential and commercial space for small businesses, a social enterprise or many other opportunities.”

“It is time for the Town to make one of two choices; demolish the building for the purpose of redeveloping the site or to make an investment in the existing building so that it can be repurposed and rebuilt.”

“It is recognized that the property or structure related issues and the costs of up to $1,785,500 related to making the building safe and roof tight were heavy influences.  There’s great empathy felt in the community towards older buildings including this property.  The tipping point between “cost” and “preservation” is different in all of us as individuals.”

“Staff recommends that the Council Advisory Committee endorse the “staff report” and moved towards the demolition of the Robinson building at 374 Main Street as outlined.”

Read the staff report now.

Here are photos from inside the building, from November 2016: