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Screen Nova Scotia looking for Film Ready properties

Posted on July 16, 2018

Do you have a property you just KNOW would be awesome in a feature film, a movie of the week, or TV series?

Screen Nova Scotia – the provincial film commission and industry association in the province – has recently launched what’s known as the Starring Your Property program, and are looking to take advantage of some of the beautiful locations that the Province of Nova Scotia has to offer.

As part of Screen Nova Scotia’s desire to grow the list of locations they offer to national and international producers and directors looking at Nova Scotia as a filming destination, Screen NS is reaching out to let community members know about the opportunity of potentially having their home or business used in a film production

The value in having locations in the Screen NS database is that the organization will thenbe able to provide national and international producers and directors with quick and viable options if they’re considering Nova Scotia for filming. This means money gets spent in our province – not only through the hiring of local crew, but also through accommodations, food services, and more, but also through the use of locations in projects – often in the town they are filming in!

The Lighthouse, which filmed partly in Yarmouth this spring, saw huge economical benefits from the project, especially in what’s considered the “off-season”.

Any community member interested in taking part in the program is encouraged to go HERE for more information.  Let’s show them what we’ve got, Kentville!