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Jenny Osburn serving up healthy food in schools talk in Kentville – Kings County Advertiser Register

Posted on November 27, 2018

KENTVILLE, N.S. – Jenny Osburn, Select Nova Scotia’s 2011 Local Food Hero, signed on to give a talk Nov. 27 at the Kings County Museum about her passion – getting healthy, nourishing, local food in our schools.

When it comes to improving the quality of food served at school, says Osburn, there are opportunities and challenges to us as a community. This, along with her work in the cafeteria of an Annapolis Valley school, formed the basis of her talk.

“The Valley is the breadbasket of Nova Scotia, so it should follow that we teach our kids about the foods we produce here and get them hooked on healthy, local food for life,” says Osburn.

As a parent, Osburn says, it’s important to let your school know if you’re happy with the food being offered. You can also take a look at Nova Scotia’s nutrition policy to see if your school is meeting the guidelines. If not, it’s time to start talking with the administration and other parents.

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