Sea to Shore Seaglass Festival!

July 25, 2015

Come celebrate the Sea to Shore Sea Glass Festival in Kentville and share your Sea Glass treasures with fellow beachcombers! Come celebrate the oceans gifts at Nova Scotia’s Sea to Shore Sea Glass Festival – July 25-26, 2015, 10am-4pm daily.

What is seaglass you ask?? Seaglass are pieces of glass from littering broken bottles, broken tableware, or even shipwrecks, which are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years until all of their edges are rounded off, and the slickness of the glass has been worn to a frosted appearance, then wash up from our strong tides onto our beaches around the world waiting to be picked up and made into something creative or just collected for pleasure.

This 2 day event, taking place in Kentville Center Square, will feature sea glass creations, ocean inspired artisans, musicians, coastal artists, driftwood furniture, seafood tastings, guest speakers, sea glass shard contests with top prize of $200.00 and much more.. so mark it on your calendar and tell your beachcomber friends to do as well!

Calling all seaglass hunters/ enthusiasts, craftspeople If you are interested in being a vendors for this event please contact for more info Michelle Fahie

Brought to you by Ocean Zn Giftshop & Home Décor and sponsored by the town of Kentville.

Check out the extensive list of vendors attending this years festival!

Halifax Mermaids
Beach Bags by Sac De Plage
Sea-Duced Beach Treasures
Tear of Glass
Table of messages in bottles found in NS
Driftwood trees
Seaside creations made with seaglass, shells, driftwood
Seaglass jewelry
Water colorist
Ocean inspired Photographers
Hidden bay art (art and décor made with beach finds)
Rock art
Nautical Designs
Sea Glass necklaces
Fish tales and treasures
Sea inspired Cupcakes
Sea side crafts
Ocean Zn Giftshop & Décor
Ocean inspired Pottery
Sea shells designs
Sea side Creations
Sea glass keepsakes & jewelry
Sea side photos and crafts
Ocean wool art designs
and more…

The sea to shore seaglass festival will also be running seaglass find contests.  The judging process in Atlantic Canada is based on color rarity, worn surface level, embossed/ raised markings, smoothness, patterns, lines, bubbles (that tell us the age) images, over all condition, unusual, and shape.

Entry process:
Contest cards may be purchased and entered Sunday July 26th between 10:00- 2:00pm from contest table. Contest fee per entry is $2.00 per entry . Contest cards must be filled out with name, phone number, address and ID number.

Return Process:
Name plus ID # required for the return of the sea glass treasures. Line up for return will proceed directly after winners are announced and pictures are to follow.

Judging will take place 2:00-3:00 Sunday July 26th and the winners will be announced at 3:30 pm.

Categories and prizes:

$200.00 sea glass treasure.

$100.00 china/ pottery.

$50.00 peoples choice.

$50.00 bon fire sea glass.

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