Valley Community Learning Association Literacy Mile

May 7, 2016

Every year in early May, when temperatures are starting to rise and leaves are starting to bud, a strange occurrence happens! The sidewalks of Kentville become “painted” or “chalked” almost miraculously with names, businesses and colorful art work. What is this mysterious event? Circles in farmer’s field??? No!
It’s VCLA’s Literacy Mile!

So what is this all about?
Twelve years ago, VCLA started to host their one annual fundraising event to raise money in support of adult literacy and lifelong education in the valley. It started as an early afternoon event that honored student success, and hosted a silent auction, bake table, Bounce Kingdom, music, BBQ… Students, staff and volunteers also collected pledges in commitment to walk a mile around the town of Kentville. The name Literacy Mile was chosen to represent this walk. People, businesses and organizations that made donations were celebrated. For every dollar given, their name was chalked across the sidewalk for all to see. The larger the donation, the bigger the name and notoriety!!!
Why should you consider supporting or attending this event?
At VCLA, a non-profit organization, every dollar counts. By making a donation, students gain access to training and supports they might not otherwise get. Help someone reach their educational goals!

Pass this on, and help make a difference!