Valley Community Learning Association Literacy Mile

May 4, 2019

Every year in early May, when temperatures are starting to rise and leaves are starting to bud, a strange occurrence happens! The sidewalks of Kentville become “painted” or “chalked” almost miraculously with names, businesses and colorful art work. What is this mysterious event? Circles in farmer’s field???  No!
It’s VCLA’s Literacy Mile!

In 2005, the organization formerly known as the Kings County Learning Association, launched the first ever Literacy Mile to help raise funds for Valley literacy and essential skills programs. The rationale then, as today, was to build awareness and community support for adult learning programming in the Valley, and lessen the dependence on government funding.

The ‘Mile’ annually raises about $15,000, and funds raised are used to pay for daycare or transportation for learners so they can come to school, to support a breakfast program so people do not have to try to learn on an empty stomach, as well as to develop new programs as the needs present themselves at our door.

We hope you will come to the 15th annual Literacy Mile on Saturday, May 4, from 1 to 4 pm, and help us to raise the literacy levels of Valley residents!

Pass this on, and help make a difference!