Tourism and Recreation

Springtime in Kentville is always a celebrated season, as it brings renewed life, the promise of a bountiful harvest, and a beautiful lushness to the surrounding countryside.

While the rest of the world fell victim to the Great Depression of the 1930s, the first Apple Blossom Festival was celebrated in Kentville, during the spring of 1932. Great local music, a beauty pageant, a Blossom Ball, and a parade were featured and tens of thousands of people attended.

Kentville not only celebrates the beginning of the harvest season, but also the end. The annual Harvest Festival is held the beginning of each October and welcomes not only the world famous “Pumpkin People” by thousands of visitors who make the town a destination point, during their autumn tour of the province. Activities involve hay wagon rides, crafts, community bands, buskers, competitions, and lots of great things to eat.

Every Christmas season the towns’ people gather for the annual Torchlight Parade and Christmas party. This involves the lighting of the huge Christmas tree in the centre of town, a visit from Santa, a skating party of the local arena, entertainment and some delicious hot apple cider.

Kentville has much to be proud of. It has the highest per capita ratio of professionals than any other place in Canada; it plays host to national level sporting events in and on first class facilities; it has a delightful downtown core with renowned restaurants, pubs, cafés, a live theatre, museums and historic sites; and is the centre of commerce and medicine. Seen as a most desirable place to live and work, Kentville is poised on the brink of much commercial and residential development.