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Kentville Town Hall

Town Hall #354 Main Street, Kentville c.1990 In 1887, the offices for the Town Hall were leased from John Blanchard for the rental of seventy-five dollars per year. In 1896, the town conducted its business in the Chipman Building on Main Street, near the present Town Hall. It was an old wooden building in which the Town Hall was combined with the Fire Department Headquarters. The Salvation Army also occupied the building for forty years starting in 1906. In 1946 the town purchased the property from the Salvation Army for the purpose of erecting a new Town Hall and Fire Station. This building was demolished. In 1953 the town office took up quarters in the new Town Hall, moving from temporary offices at the Cornwallis Inn. This was the first permanent quarters in which the Town conducted business since 1946. This Town Hall was officially opened on October 5, 1953 with Mayor R.W. Rottler laying the cornerstone. The need for renovation and expansion of the Town Hall was identified in the late seventies and early eighties. There was a great deal of debate about whether to build a new Hall or to renovate the old one. In the end the Town Hall was joined to the old Maritime Tel & Tel building in a ten month renovation project which was started in October, 1989. The grand opening of the Town Hall was held on September 28, 1990. The building has a bright, modern atmosphere. Perhaps the most important change was to make the building completely accessible to the handicapped. Housed within this space are twenty offices, reception areas, general areas, council chambers, counsellors’ room, two meeting rooms, computer room, vault, and five washrooms.

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