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463 Main Street
Kentville, N.S. B4N 1K9

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Kentville Volunteer Fire Department

The Kentville Fire Department was established one hundred and thirteen years ago, when a group of Kentville residents met in Chipman Hall on February 22, 1888. The current fire hall was built in 1967. The department was first called the “Kentville Volunteer Fire and Protection Company”, and it consisted of two divisions. The first uniforms were a cream colored shirt trimmed with blue and adorned with a blue shield initialled K.F.D. The trousers were black with a black patent leather belt. A regulation cap and badge completed the outfit. In 1986 the K.V.F.D. Historical Committee was pleased to finish restoration of the 1935 pumper engine. It now could represent the Department in parades and during other festivities. After the renovations to the hall in 1988, a major addition was added as an on-site museum. The museum houses fire fighting memorabilia and showcases the rich history of the Kentville Fire Department. On entering the museum, one immediately notices the hose wagon in the middle of the room, surrounded by an assortment of nozzles. Hanging from a wheel of this wagon is a jacket and hat which firemen would have worn early in the century. On the walls are myriads of pictures portraying fire chiefs of the past, veteran members, and special events of the fire station. The cases lining the walls are filled with such interesting artifacts as a very early version of a fire extinguisher, a vintage bingo machine which was used to hold Aberdeen Street bingos, and numerous trophies of the Fire Hall’s sports teams. One can also see the original cornerstone of the fire hall site in a wooden case. In the corners are old fire horns and oxygen tanks. The main horn was used to give alarm of a fire, and the smaller horn to indicate if the fire was inside or outside of the town limits. A display of antique fire extinguishers and a shelf full of scrapbooks sit on opposite sides of the room from each other. The scrapbooks feature the highlights of the fire station from 1949 to 1970. Pictures of the Fire Prevention Queens line the hallway outside the museum. Memorabilia such as tanks which would have been filled with water and pumped by hand during fire emergencies are included in the museum. The Kentville Volunteer Fire Department Museum reveals the history of a fire department which has been the pride of the town since it’s inception.

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