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Kings County Academy 25 School Street, Kentville

Kings County Academy

Kings County Academy (K.C.A.) was built on Academy Hill about 1870. This was a four department building and housed both the high school and the common school. The Academy was the third school to be built in Kentville. It was destroyed by fire in 1883 and rebuilt again. The academic standard was very high. K.C.A. achieved a remarkable record. It claimed “Scholastic Honours” for the province, having the leading pupils in Grades ten, eleven and twelve after all the returns for the Provincial Examinations were received. Students from all parts of Kings County came to the Academy to take their High School studies.

On June 29, 1929, the cornerstone of a new Senior High School, of brick and stone, was laid by Dr. H.F. Munro, Superintendent of Education. The public opening was held on February 27, 1930. On June 20, 1933, the old school suffered a disastrous fire which swept through the south wing, totally destroying three class rooms, badly gutted a fourth, and causing serious loss to four others. On October 13, 1933, the laying of the cornerstone for a new Junior High School took place. It was formally opened in January 1934, the first building of its type erected in Nova Scotia – a complete Junior High School unit. Grades seven, eight and nine moved into this building from the High School in January 1934. Due to complete renovation of the High School building, it was found necessary to move Grades five and six back into the old building until sometime in the new year. This meant that the first four grades had to operate in half sessions. A new primary school building was started to the east and in front of the Academy in May 1952. The cornerstone was laid on July 30, 1952, by Mayor R.W. Rottler, and the building was opened in January 1953. The Intermediate School was built in 1955. It was ready for the opening of school on September 6, 1955.

According to the local historian Mable G. Nichols, in reference to the Intermediate School: “…Adjoining the Junior High on the left, Senior High on the right in the centre, the Primary on the east and three playground on the south side, it made a splendid educational quadrangle”. K.C.A. has had a long, rich and successful history in the sport of hockey, including no fewer than fifteen provincial Championships won since 1936. In the fall of 2001, K.C.A. and Cornwallis District High students will join together in the Northeastern Kings Education Centre, and the high school portion of K.C.A. will cease to exist. “Works Cited” DeCoste, John. “Pictorial history chronicles ‘long and successful’ KCA hockey heritage.” The Advertiser. December 8, 2000: pg. 12. Nichols, Mabel G. The Devil’s Half Acre – A Look at Kentville’s Past. Kentville: Kentville Centennial Committee, 1986.