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Cornwallis Street, Kentville c.1980

Kings County Municipal Building

The Municipal Council’s decision to construct a new municipal complex was made in 1978. The new complex offered all the modern conveniences and most importantly adequate space and parking. The older courthouse and jail were no longer large enough to fit the municipality’s needs, and would have required expensive repairs.

Kings County’s Municipal Building, located on Cornwallis Street on the site of the former Condon building (opposite Hiltz Funeral Home), was officially opened on May 22, 1980. The complex, a single storey building, houses not only the five departments directly associated with municipal operations, but also three courtrooms, provincial and supreme court judges offices, court support staff facilities, crown prosecutor’s quarters, sheriff, registry of deeds and probate offices, a local provincial assessment bureau, a barristers’ library, and overnight lock-up facilities.

The Municipal Building is considered one of the most modern buildings of its type in the province. The rounded section of this building resembles a farm silo, and is said to reflect the significance of agriculture in the county’s past, present, and future. One of the most amazing features of the structure is the oval-shaped council chambers (which happens to be what the rounded section of the building holds), with a panel controlled sound system which includes more than fifteen microphones to the sound proof press room and the counsellors’ lounge. It is a very functional and economical building, one which should satisfy the needs of the municipality for several years to come.

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