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Mill Brook

About 1798 a Loyalist, Henry Magee, built his home on Main Street, east of Mill Brook. He built his grist mill and general store, the first in Kentville, on the banks of Mill Brook. He probably built his grist mill on the exact site of the mill which was afterwards owned by Mr. William Redden. Magee Lake is the headwater for Mill Brook.

In 1869, John W. Margeson built his home and established a two-storey sash and door factory on Mill Brook Road, with machinery operated by water power.

In 1995, crews from the Youth Environment Challenge and the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps, as well as volunteers from the Waterville Youth Detention Centre began carrying out rehabilitation work on Mill Brook. The last segment of the project, sponsored by the Friends of the Cornwallis River, had been the installation of seven digger logs to deepen the course of the brook and improve fish habitat. Rock deflectors have also been added along the brook to cut down on the visible erosion.

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