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Webster Court, Kentville c.1993

The Armoury Property

The Armoury Property is on the corner of Webster and Cornwallis Streets. The original structure replaced in the 1990’s had been one of the oldest buildings still remaining in the Town of Kentville. It had housed the former courthouse, Hussars armoury, and Bolands warehouse. The Courthouse of 1850 remained the property of the municipality until 1912 when it was purchased by the Department of Militia and was used as an armoury. About 1950 the building was purchased by the Willet Fruit Company of Saint John, New Brunswick.

In the mid-1990’s, Robert Woodworth, President of Woodworth Builders, and Jodi Libby, architectural drafts person, took on the renovation of the Armoury Property as an investment opportunity and as a challenge to the company’s renovations expertise. Struck by many of its historic features, Woodworth and Libby had hoped portions of the building could be preserved. When an engineering report determined it could not be saved, it was very disappointing for them. The original wooden building was torn down to be replaced by a modern office complex.

Determined to replicate the architectural spirit of the original structure, Woodworth and Libby researched local sources and viewed historic photographs of the original building. They also spent four days travelling through Maine, observing local architecture and looking for inspiration for a new building. The resulting New England style structure has incorporated a number of features characteristic of that area including the distinctive “quoins” (corner blocks), and the Colonial style columns, turned by local woodworker, John Tebogt. The construction on the Armoury Property was completed in September 1993.

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