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The Silver Link Bridge

The first bridge over the Cornwallis River was constructed soon after the New England Planters came to Horton. Repairs to the sidewalk of the bridge were made in October 1893.

The new bridge, the Silver Link, was opened for traffic on Tuesday, October 13, 1931. It was made of steel, and two layers of planks and asphalt. There were ornamental electric lighting standards, one on each corner of the structure and crowned with opal glass, mounted on specially provided overhanging steel brackets. The sturdy design of the steel trusses, set off by handsome black, gleamed pleasantly on the landscape in their aluminium paint coating. The Silver Link bridge is handsome from the standpoint of architecture and blends pleasingly into the landscape.

The Silver Link bridge was said to be the widest traffic bridge east of Montréal. It was characterized as the widest traffic bridge in the Maritime Provinces. The Silver Link was built to meet traffic requirements for the next hundred years to come.

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