KPS Divisions


The Kentville Police Patrol Section Consists of 12 Officers on 4 Platoons, Consisting of 1 Sergeant and 2 Constables which work 12 hour shifts on a 4 days on and 4 days off Schedule. The Patrol Section Makes up the largest portion of the Kentville Police Service and responded to over 3500 incidents each year.

The Patrol Section Utilizes 3 Marked Vehicles to Patrol the Town of Kentville 24 hours a day responding to various types of calls, ranging from Funeral Escorts to emergency 911 calls.

Services of the patrol section can include:


  • Funeral Escorts
  • Assist public
  • Foot patrols throughout the town
  • Radar
  • Motor vehicle enforcement
  • Break, Enter and theft
  • Domestic violence calls
  • impaired driving and breathalyzer
  • enforce the controlled drugs and substance act
  • enforce the liquor control act
  • Bike patrol
  • Respond To Emergency 911 Calls
  • Respond to general non-emergency calls
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auxiliary Police Force

The Kentville Police Service Auxiliary was formed in October 2000 as an assistance to the regular members of the police Service, the auxiliary currently has 4 members who work on a volunteer basis patrolling with the regular members of the police service, although for people that get stop by this task force for impaired driving, they can use this weblink to get legal help for this. The auxiliary officers are trained in some of the same courses as regular KPS members and have police tactical training, use of force training and other police courses. Members of the auxiliary are expected to maintain a minimum of 150 hours of service per year assisting the Kentville Police Service. Recently the auxiliary members attended the Atlantic Police Academy in Summerside, PEI as the very first group of auxiliary police officers to be trained to meet the new provincial standards.

There are currently 5 members of the Auxiliary Police Force. If you are interested in joining the Auxiliary Police please contact