KPS About


To be recognized by our members, community and peers as being an innovative, professional, and dedicated community police service.

Mission Statement

The Kentville Police Service is committed to building a safe community for our citizens through community partnerships, education and crime prevention, social development, excellence in service delivery, and professionalism.

We believe in:

  • The prevention, detection and suppression of crime and the pursuit of offenders;
  • Identifying and responding to community needs;
  • Responding to the needs of victims with sensitivity and compassion;
  • Openness and accountability;
  • All our interactions, both internal and external, being conducted in a professional and courteous manner;
  • Operating in a manner that reflects economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Community social development as a way of addressing the underlying causations of crime;
  • Respect for our community and its diversity;
  • Promoting a work environment that supports: intelligence led policing, continuous improvement, life long learning and the effective application of technology;
  • The personal and professional development of our members, and
  • And to accomplish this we believe that our members, are our most valuable resource;

Code of Ethics

My obligation as a police officer is to serve the community by safeguarding lives and property. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be my guide to preserve the peace, prevent and detect offences, and administer laws in a reasonable and impartial manner. I will defend the dignity of all persons, and accept that everyone is equally entitled to courteous service, understanding and compassion.

My duties will be performed without fear or favor. I acknowledge lawful limitation to my authority and promise not to use my position for personal advantage. I will not accept gratuities nor compromise myself or the police service. Self-discipline will be my constant objective. I will strive to demonstrate courage, confidence and decisiveness. The information I gain in an official capacity will remain confidential unless otherwise required by duty.

I am responsible for my professional performance and will take every opportunity to enhance my level of knowledge and competence. I will sustain colleagues, community partners and the vulnerable. I accept challenges and hardships and will honor the obligations of my profession. I will demonstrate morality, prudence and integrity in my professional and private life. I will subordinate my own interests to the common good. Personal feelings, beliefs, aspirations or friendships will not determine my actions as a member of the Kentville Police Service. I will constantly strive to achieve these ideals, dedicating myself to attain excellence as a police officer.

Organizational Values

We will be reputable, adhering to truthfulness and being free from deceit.

We will lead by example, being incorruptible and doing the right thing regardless of the pressures or personal risk we face.

We will be mindful of the distress of others and demonstrate a sympathetic understanding in our desire to assist them.

We will demonstrate impartiality, being free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism.

We will show dedication to the goals of the Service and to our personal development and wellness as we persist in our endeavors to consult, work with and serve the community.

We will recognize the right of all people, regardless of their personal situation, to live without ridicule, and as such we will display courteous regard for people in every situation.

We will be above reproach and exhibit a proficient, conscientious, and business-like demeanor in dealing with those we serve.