Day Camps

Day Camp (ages 5-12)

You will notice some camps back by popular demand and some new programs we are excited to run this summer. Camps will have use of our parks and trails, the pool and our new splash pad, and will take outings to surrounding communities. All summer programs offered by the town will focus on getting active, connecting with nature, giving back to our community, and gaining skills needed to create your own adventure. This year the day camps will be broken up into smaller groups with each group having a designated leader. Groups will be established based on age, interest and ability. At times all groups will come together for events or activities to support a multi-aged approach.

Timing: Day Camp runs 9am-4pm Monday- Friday. Pre and post-camp playground supervision is available from 8am-9am and 4pm-5pm. The cost for pre and/or post-camp play supervision is $5/day (for either 8-9am, 4-5pm, or both).

Price: $105 for full weeks and $80 for shortened weeks

Outdoor Adventure (July 2nd –5th / July 29th – August 2nd)

Spend the week outside in our parks and trails learning skills and techniques to adventure in the outdoors. Learn survival skills (like shelter building and fire making) and about the trees and animals in our forests and marsh lands, while exploring the wild places in Kentville. This camp is sure to bring out the adventure deep inside every camper! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen lotion SPF 50 and to order glasses online if you don’t have the proper sunglasses, both will provide protection against the sun and its harmful elements while participating on these activities.

Re-Makery Builders (July 8th – 12th / August 6th – 9th)

What would you do with recycled items? We will use our imaginations to reuse and recycle materials by creating games, crafts, and more. Challenge yourself by making and discovering what can be done with found items and creations we build and use during camp. This camp is offers a wonderful mix of creativity and adventure.

Discovering the Magic in Kentville (July 15th– July 19th / August 12th – August 16th)

A week of wizarding wildness! There’s a new wizard in town, who needs your help to discover the magic that lies in Kentville. Join us for a week of exploration, curiosity, magic and play as we learn the wizarding skills necessary to harness the magic around us, then spread it to the community!

Wheeling Adventure (July 22nd – 26th / August 19th – 23rd)

Learn how to get from place to place on your wheels, exploring our trail systems, and spending time playing on our skate park. Campers will learn new skills on bikes, skateboards, and scooters, travelling throughout our community using only self-propelled modes of transportation.  No skateboard experience required, campers must be able to ride a bicycle or use a scooter. If you have your own wheels and helmet please bring them, if not please let us know and they can be provided.

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We offer a lunch program (for $5/day) for those interested. You can choose to participate in the program for the full week or on particular days. Check out the menu here!

Any questions? Contact Brittany at 902-599-0151 or email