Youth Camps

Youth Camps (for ages 12-15)

NEW THIS YEAR: These programs will be two weeks in length with the focused being on active leadership, developing the young entrepreneurs, leading in the outdoors and building community. This is a great opportunity for any youth looking to get some extra skills for their resume, and have an awesome summer at the same time!

NEW TIMING: Youth Camp runs 9am-4pm Monday- Friday.
NEW PRICE: $175 for two week programs ($200 for Active Leadership which includes First Aid Course)

Active Leadership (July 3rd – 13th)

Join us for skill development and fun! There will be opportunities to hike, go swimming, play tennis, bike, try out geocaching and rock climbing, and more, as we learn and develop leadership skills! As part of the program youth will take a fundamental moving course, as well as a first aid course. We will practice and implement leadership skills with placements in day camps, tennis camps, and with the aquatics programs.

Young Entrepreneurs (July 16th – 27th)

This session will include mentorship from local business owners and trips to business and manufacturing centers in town and in our surrounding communities. Placements in day camp settings will allow youth to explore how we can foster innovation and teach new skills. This session will finish off with an ‘expo’ to showcase learnings and ideas.

Outdoor Leadership (July 30th – August 10th)

Youth will have sessions with local environmental organizations as we learn about the natural world around us and the leaders who are researching and protecting it. We will experience the outdoors and develop wilderness skills (including fire building, shelter and food preparation, navigation, trip planning) that will allow youth to lead in the outdoors. At the end of this session we will have an overnight camping experience.

Leadership in Community (August 13th – 24th)

Youth will explore the town and learn from local leaders, advocates and councilors. They will volunteer with all of the camp programs, as well as with local organizations as they learn the skills needed to be a leader where we live. This session will end with a community event organized throughout the two week program.


Online registration for our summer programs can be found here.

Any questions? Get in touch with Brittany by phone: 902-679-2556 or email