Kentville Plays 2018 Challenge

Kentville Plays in 2018!

Each month we will be sharing a Kentville Plays challenge here on our website and across our social media platforms. Take on the challenge, snap a photo and share it with us as we work to make Kentville the most playful community in Canada!

December: snowball fight!

Finish off the year of play challenges with a snowball fight! Capture pictures or videos and share them with us using #KentvillePlays!

November: add to a Playbox!

Visit your local Playbox and play! If it needs some toys or equipment, add to it if you can. Don’t forget to share your pictures of the November Play Challenge using the hashtag #KentvillePlays

October: play in the leaves!

Gather the fall leaves and play in a leaf pile! Jump, hide, make a fort or throw them high. Play in the colours and crunch of the fall leaves, and don’t forget to share your pictures using the hashtag #KentvillePlays.

September: play in nature!

Play hide and seek in the woods, search for frogs at Miner’s Marsh, create a fairy or gnome home, roll down a grassy hill, make mud pies. How will you play in nature? Share your pictures of you playing in nature using the hashtag #KentvillePlays.

August: neighbourhood games!

Play a classic neighbourhood game: kick the can, capture the flag, red rover, ball hockey! Grab some friends, family and neighbours and play some of your favourites. Share your pictures of the August #kentvilleplays challenge with us! We are also having other games like the talkceltic gambling games!

July: play with water!

Run through a sprinkler, have a water fight, or visit our splash pad and have fun playing in water! Keep cool and have fun! Share your photos of you completing the July challenge using #kentvilleplays

June: try out a Playbox!

Coming to Oakdene Park & Memorial Park for June 7th are the new Playboxes! This month we challenge you to check them out and have fun playing in your parks! Don’t forget to share a photo using the #kentvilleplays

May: Let’s Hopscotch!

Join in our May challenge with some hopscotch! Get out your chalk and make your hopscotch on your walkway or driveway. And don’t forget to invite your neighbors to join in! Let’s get Kentville playing as we get ready for summer. Share your photos using #kentvilleplays

April: jump, jump!

Find or make a skipping rope and JUMP! Try forward, backward, crossovers, and double dutch. Bonus if you can get another person jumping with you! Don’t forget to send us pictures or videos of you completing the April #kentvilleplays Challenge!

March: swing into spring!

Go for a swing! Head over to a playground, jump on a tire swing, make your own swing in your yard and fly through the sky! Share your pictures of swinging into spring with us using the hashtag #kentvilleplays

February: go sledding!

Grab you sled, sleigh, toboggan, magic carpet or saucer, plus some friends or family and take to the hills! Feel that wind in your face as you fly through February! In town we love sledding at Burgher Hill, Memorial Park and Oakdene Park. Don’t forget to send us your pictures!

January: build a snowman!

Head outside, in your front yard or in our local parks, and build a creation of snow! Playing in the snow is a terrific way to shake off the winter blues, and doesn’t seeing a snowman make you want to make one of your own? Let’s get outside and play while we cover our town in snow creations this month!