Burgher Hill 4X

Burgher Hill: Not just for sledding anymore!

4X (pronounced 4 cross) is a form of mountain bike racing that combines elements of BMX racing with mountain biking. The tracks are fast, technical, and extremely fun! The course for Kentville’s Burgher Hill was specially designed with riders of all ages and abilities in mind. The track includes features like bridges, a rock garden, rollers, berms and jumps. A raised start ramp helps riders get off to a fast start!

The first Provincial Ponts race at the track took place on Apple Blossom Saturday after the Grand Street Parade on May 31st . Spectators attended as well as participants and were treated to an exciting show. The bike track on the hill is an awesome addition to Kentville’s line-up of recreation facilities and has already generated buzz within the mountain bike community. The site was officially opened at the end of May, and has been a popular spot ever since. Riders are reminded that helmets are required at all times for this course.

Sledding enthusiasts needn’t worry as the track only takes up a portion of the east side of the hill. A large area of the hill was reserved as a “sledding zone” in the site plan from the beginning.