After School Programs


A new 6-week free after school program for middle school girls all about yoga and art, with a focus on drawing! Students will be met at KCA for a trail walk to the Calkin Building downtown. There will be yoga and art instruction and exploration each week. Pick up/walk home at 5pm from the Calkin Building (38 Cornwallis St- next to the new Hardware Gallery).

This Town of Kentville program is offered in partnership with the Hardware gallery and is facilitated by Beth Ross (yoga instructor, experienced after school facilitator, and a fine arts background) & Sasha Nelson (artist and experienced art instructor).

Thursdays 2:30-5:00pm |6 weeks: May 10-June 14 |Apply online by May 2nd!

More to come in 2018!

We will continue with additional after school programs for all ages in Fall 2018!