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Introduction to Volkssporting: 
If you are among the growing majority who believe that regular outdoor activity in congenial company can improve one's health, fitness and quality of life, then volkssporting is for you.  
Volkssporters share your belief and enjoy walking as members of a volkssport club. We also believe that the physical activity and social contact available through volkssporting is a significant beneficial part of our lives. To us, and millions of others world-wide, volkssporting affords opportunities for adventure in active living, healthy recreation, fellowship and fun. The Canadian Volkssport Federation is proud to be a member of the international volkssporting community. 
Literally, "Volkssporting" translates as "people‚Äôs sports". It all began over 30 years ago in Europe where a need was recognized for healthy, organized, non-competitive activities, suitable for people of all ages. Efforts in several communities resulted in the development of local "volkssport" clubs, which sponsored events for walking, cycling, swimming and cross country skiing. The movement grew rapidly. 
Now, across Canada, throughout the United States, and in more than 40 countries around the world, unique opportunities are available for safe, healthy exercise without the stress of speed and strain of endurance. A hallmark of volkssporting is that all participants who successfully complete the event of their choice at their own pace, are recognized as "winners"! 
CVF clubs primarily host walking events which are by far the most popular activity among volkssport club members in Canada. They sponsor two types of walks: Permanent Trails and Scheduled Events. 
Permanent Trails. These walks used to be known as Year Round Events (YREs) or Seasonal Walks in North America. They are permanent routes which are walked as a group several times per year. In addition, you can enjoy these walks on your own anytime throughout the year or the designated season. 
Scheduled Events (also known as Map Walks, Guided Walks or Volkssmarches) are held once during the year on a specified date. For a Map Walk participants are given maps and directions so they can walk at their own pace. On a Guided Walk there is a leader who guides participants around a route.
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