ByLaws & Policies

For an official viewing of these by laws & policies you must visit the Town Hall at 354 Main Street or phone our switchboard at 679-2500. Thank you for taking an interest in our community!

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CH.2 Boundaries View
CH.3 Town Seal View
CH.20 Pension Plan View
CH.21 Curb and Sidewalk Charges View
CH.26 Repeal Previous ByLaws View
CH.41 Minimum Housing ByLaw View
CH.47 Chapel Hill Closure View
CH.49 Chief Administrative Officer View
CH.50 Layton Street Closure View
CH.52 Skateboarding View
CH.56 KVFD Tax Exemption View
CH.57 Trail Use – Revised View
CH.57 Trail Use – Schedule A View
CH.63 Curb and Sidewalk Charges View
CH.64 Taxi View
CH.67 REMO View
CH.70 Animal Control View
CH.72 Sanitary Sewer View
CH.73 EMO View
CH.75 Swimming Pool View
CH.77 Idling Control View
CH.78 Outdoor Fire View
CH.81 Fees for Financial Information View
CH.82 Board of Police Commissioners View
CH.83 Streets View
CH.84 Smoke Free Public Places View
CH.85 Peace and Good Order View
CH.86 Sewers (Amendments to Schedule A and C) View
CH.87 Partial Tax Exemption View
CH.88 Rezoning Application Fee View
CH.89 Civic Numbering View
CH.90 Alarms View
CH.92 VRSWM Management View
CH.93 Yard Sale View
CH.94 Vending View
CH.95 Building ByLaw View
CH.96 Special Events View
CH.97 PACE View
CH.98 Alternative Voting ByLaw View

From the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act:

Part XV, Page 190-193, Dangerous and Unsightly Premises


Index of Policy Statements View
G1A Citizen Appointments to Police Commission View
G1B Kentville Water Commission Board Members View
G2 Recognition of Citizen Appointees (REPEALED)
G3 Meeting Attendance (REPEALED)
G4 Travel, Meals, and Miscellaneous Expenses View
G5 Council Remuneration and Benefits View
G6 Non Council Honorariums View
G7 Recorded Votes (REPEALED)
G8 Registration of Fire and Emergency Services View
G9 Ice and Snow Control Procedures View
G10F Purchasing and Tendering Policy View
G11 Parliamentary Procedure (REPEALED)
G12F Tax Collection View
G13 Fire Rate View
G14 Proclamations View
G15 Fire Protection Rate View
G16 Code of Conduct View
G17 Dangerous and Unsightly Premises View
G18 Student Bursary View
G19 Appointment of Deputy Mayor (REPEALED)
G21 Conference Attendance View
G23 Smoke-Free Town-Owned Vehicles View
G26F Special Perpetual Reserve Fund View
G27 Street Naming Policy (REPEALED)
G28 Requests For Funding from Organizations View
G29 Sidewalk Cafes View
G30 Standards for Recorded Minutes (REPEALED)
G31 Upgrades to Existing Streets View
G32 Street Closure Policy View
G33 Animal Control Bylaw Fees View
G34 Temporary Development Officer View
G35 Public Recognition for Outstanding Heroism (REPEALED)
G36 Hiring and Employment of Relatives View
G37F Tax Reduction View
G38F Fraud and Other Similar Irregularities View
G39 Council and Staff Long Service Awards View
G40 Public Presentations to Council (REPEALED)
G41 Anti-Idling Standard Operating Procedure View
G42 Half Masting the Canadian Flag View
G43 Flag Flying Policy View
G44 Banner Advertising View
G45 Cancellation of Council and CAC Meetings (REPEALED)
G46F Interest on Deposit Accounts View
G47F Interest on Overdue Accounts View
G48F Collection Policy – Sewer Utility View
G49F Collection Policies- Water Utility View
G50F Collection Policies-Other Accounts Receivable View
G51 Carbon Off-Setting Policy View
G52 Christmas Closure Town Hall View
G53 Retention and Destruction of Records View
G54 Council Agenda Packages (REPEALED)
G55F Tangible Capital Assets Policy View
G56F NSF Cheques Policy Statement View
G57 Committees of Council View
G58 Appointment of Traffic Authority (REPEALED)
G59 Leeside Estates (REPEALED)
G60 Polystyrene Restriction Policy View
G61 Municipal Services Standards and Specifications View
G62 Public Participation Policy View
G63F Operating Reserve Fund Policy View
G64 Public Engagement and Participation View
G65 Appointment of Traffic Authority View
G66 Citizen Complaint Policy View
G67 Recognition of Community Contributions View
G68 Hospitality Policy View
G69 Council Reports Policy View
G70 Council Meetings Policy View
G71 Comfort Centre Policy View
I.01 IT Policy View
I.02 Video Conferencing (REPEALED) View