Engineering & Public Works

The Engineering and Works Department main functions including engineering, public works, water treatment and distribution and sewer collection. The Director of Engineering & Works has overall responsibility for all functions of the Engineering, Public Works and Water Utility as well as the statutory requirements as engineer under the Municipal Government Act. The Director can be reached directly at (902) 679-2521

Engineering Services

Operates on the second floor of Town Hall. Engineering Services facilitates and manages the Capital and Operating Budgets for the Towns Transportation Services, Roads Transport Program, Environmental Health, Sanitary Sewer and Water Utility. Road programs include; Town streets and parking lots, sidewalks, storm sewer, street cleaning, snow & ice removal of streets and parking lots, street lighting, traffic services and signs.

Public Works & Water Commission

The Public Works & Water Commission are directed by the Superintendent of Public Works. Public Works services as provided and performed are as determined by Town Council, the Water Commission and/or Provincial and/or Federal regulations: The offices of Public Works and the Water Commission are at 875 West Main Street.

Chester Avenue Upgrade

The Town of Kentville will be upgrading Chester Avenue in the near future. The project consists of the renewal of approximately 1.4 km of Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, and Watermain, which will include retaining wall replacement and general paving. Other considerations will include sidewalk extensions, overhead crosswalk lights, bike lanes and a turning lane at the Chester Avenue/Main Street intersection. This project is currently being designed with construction planned for 2016. This project is funded equally by the Town of Kentville, Provincial and Federal Governments. The total estimated project cost is $2,900,000. For additional details and project updates please go to

Superintendent of Public Works

Richard Boyd
(902) 679-2526

Water Operators

James Rafuse, LeRoy Dillman
(902) 679-2523