The Finance Department is located on the ground floor of the Town Hall, 354 Main Street, Kentville. The Finance Department’s main functions include customer service/cashier services, tax and utility billing, human resource management, accounting, budgeting, collection and information technology services.

The Director of Finance, Debra Crowell, has overall responsibility for all functions related to the financial matters of the Town of Kentville, Town of Kentville Water Utility, Town of Kentville Sanitary Sewer Area Service and Town of Kentville Reserve Funds, as well as any statutory requirements as Treasurer under the Municipal Government Act.

The Finance Department accepts many types of payments, such as:

Cash, cheque, money order/bank draft, Interac, Internet banking, telephone banking and Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP). A drop- off box is located at the back entrance of the Town Hall.

e-Billing is available for utility bills at this time. Please call to enroll in this option.

Financial Documents 2018

The important financial details from the Town of Kentville are presented here. Included are the current tax rates and operating budget for the current year.

2018 Operating Budget
2018 Capital Budget
2018 Financial Statements


Financial Documents 2017

2017 Financial Statements
2017 Operating Budget
2017 Capital Budget
2017 Sanitary Sewer Operating Budget
2017 Sanitary Sewer Capital Budget
2017 KWC Operating Budgets
2017 KWC Capital Budgets


Financial Documents 2016

2016 Operating Budget
2016 Capital Budget
2016 Sanitary Sewer Operating Budget
2016 Sanitary Sewer Capital Budget
2016 KWC Operating Budgets
2016 KWC Capital Budgets
2016 Financial Statements


Financial Documents 2015

2015 Operating Budget
2015 Capital Budget
2015 Sanitary Sewer Operating Budget
2015 Sanitary Sewer Capital Budget
2015 KWC Operating Budgets
2015 KWC Capital Budgets
2015 Financial Statements
2015 Tax Information
Utility Rates


Financial Documents 2014

2014 Operating Budget
2014 Capital Budget
2014 Sanitary Sewer Operating Budget
2014 Sanitary Sewer Capital Budget
2014 Financial Statements
2014 Tax Information
Utility Rates


Financial Documents 2013

2013 Operating Budget
2013 Capital Budget
2013 Sanitary Sewer Operating Budget
2013 Sanitary Sewer Capital Budget
2013 KWC Operating Budgets
2013 KWC Capital Budgets
2013 Financial Statements
2013 Performance Indicators

2012 Financial Statements
Year End Report 2012
Performance Indicators 2012
Tax Information Provision