Kentville Mayor


headshot-2Greetings from Mayor Sandra Snow

I asked you to believe in the possibilities, and you did.  Look at our Town; we have seen growth, engagement and positivity in the air.  We have re-enchanted Kentville together.

Last November I said I was proud to be part of this great community.  That I was prepared to lead the council and build a team to ensure our town not only met but exceeded the calls for action, because we no longer have the luxury of the status quo.  I can honestly say that I am even more proud of our community, and our citizens.  I am still prepared to leverage my imagination, my courage and my determination to do what needs to be done, because good is not good enough and better is always possible.

Kentville is one of the economic hubs of this province.  We need to be prepared to lead growth and prosperity and to create the conditions to realize our hopes and dreams for Kentville and surrounding area.

As a council, we have created an environment of transparency and accountability.  As a Citizenship, you have entrusted us with the governance of Kentville, we are here by your pleasure, and the Town belongs to all of the citizens.  We remain committed to abiding your trust and accepting fiduciary responsibility.

For all of the positive change, there remains work to do and challenges to overcome, social prosperity does not happen without economic prosperity and we will continue to pursue opportunities to realize all of the potential in Kentville.  It is our goal as a council, as staff and as a Town to be open for business and create an environment where business can grow and entrepreneurs can prosper.  A place where our Quality of Life is important, a place we call home and a place that truly is a Breath of Fresh Air.