Kentville Mayor


headshot-2Greetings from Mayor Sandra Snow

We each have two eyes, two ears and one mouth, a ratio of 4 to 1, the beginning of all good communication.

I am proud to be part of this great community.  As your mayor, I am prepared to lead the council and build a team to ensure our town not only meets but exceeds the calls for action, because we no longer have the luxury of the status quo.

For every challenge there is an opportunity, and I am willing leverage my imagination, my courage and my determination to do what needs to be done, because good is not good enough and better is always possible.  The One Nova Scotia Commission Now or Never Report (also known as the Ivany Report) pointed out that Nova Scotia is on the verge of a massive economic, social, and cultural transformation.  Kentville should be standing strong to embrace the strategic vision of the report, which lays the foundation for our province to act and compete on a truly global level.

This council is a group of forward thinking, value oriented leaders who are interested in the Town and its residents.  We will have clear roles and responsibilities with established decision making and conflict management processes.  We are independent thinkers who understand our community and the external forces acting on it.  We will ensure there is a communication system that works.  We shall have respect for all participants.  We are prepared to undertake training and development to ensure we can meet all challenges head on.

During the election, I asked you to believe in the possibilities.  I will ask you again to believe in the possibilities but also to be prepared to create the conditions to realize our hopes and dreams for Kentville using what already exists and building on that.

As Gary Hamel, has stated, “The best innovations—both socially and economically—come from the pursuit of ideals that are noble and timeless: joy, wisdom, beauty, truth, equality, community, sustainability and love.  These are the things we live for, and the innovations that really make a difference are the ones that are life-enhancing.  And that’s why the heart of innovation is a desire to re-enchant the world.”  Let’s re-enchant Kentville together.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. – Lao Tzu