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Council meeting schedule for 2016: 9 a Council and CAC meeting Schedule for 2016

  • Mark Pearl - Deputy Mayor

    Mark Pearl is a member of Town Council and was elected in July 2005. He has been a Kentville resident for his entire life and lives in town with his wife, Mona and daughter, Lindsay. Mark is employed with the family real estate business and is a business administrator leasing commercial and residential properties. Mark’s previous involvement in town affairs, involved his appointment as a citizen representative to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. However, he now finds himself very involved in council business, and on many town committees, such as the Finance Committee, the Investment Advisory Committee, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, the Planning Advisory Committee, the Kings Transit Committee, and Valley Waste Resource Management Authority.

  • Tony Bentley

    Councilor Tony Bentley was elected to his first term on Town Council in the fall of 2008,but is no newcomer to the town of Kentville, where he had worked as Facility Manager for the Parks and Recreation Department for ten years. As part of his commitment to Kentville Town Council, he is presently a member of the Council Advisory Committee, the Audit Committee, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, the Annapolis Valley Regional Library Board, the Environmental Committee, Kentville Community Development Committee, the Regional Emergency Management Operation Committee and the Parking Committee. In addition, he sits as an alternate for the Kings Transit Authority. Tony has been a resident of Kentville for 26 years and lives in Orchard Heights subdivision with his wife Judy, who has been a teacher in the area for 33 years. He also has a son and a grandson.

  • Eric Bolland

    Councilor Bolland lives in Kentville with his wife, Laurie and his two children – Thomas and Marcel. He is presently the Owner of Bolland Driving Solutions. Although a new member to Town Council following the election of July 2005, Eric had previously served as a citizen appointee on Board of Police Commission and Water Commission. He was also a past member of Kentville and District Kinsmen Club, a graduate from Dale Carnegie. He presently serves on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Planning Advisory Committee, Chair of the Eco-Kings Action Team with the R.D.A, past chair of UNSM’s Sustainability Practices Committee and current chair of the TOK Environmental Advisory Committee. Chairman of the Pumpkin Mile Road Race. Past Board of Directors of the Childrens Clean Air Network. Member of the Tourism Committee. Also During his free time, Eric enjoys running, reading and spending time with his family.

  • Bill Boyd

    Councilor Bill Boyd was elected to his first term on Town Council in the fall of 2008, although he is no stranger to Council, having worked for the Town for 33 years - 19 years as the Director of Parks and Recreation and 14 years as the Chief Administrative Officer. He retired in the summer of 2008. Councilor Boyd hopes he can use his 33 years of experience to assist citizens, council and staff in the development of a sustainable vision for the Town, while working within the many financial challenges facing Council today. Currently Councilor Boyd serves as Chair of the Transportation Services Committee, and a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, the Finance and Administration Committee, the Joint Fire Governance Committee and the Kings Partnership Steering Committee. He has been a resident of Kentville for 34 years and lives in the Glenwood subdivision with his wife, Ellen and daughters Jennifer and Courtney.

  • W. C. (Bernie) Cooper

    Councilor Bernie Cooper lives in Kentville with his wife, Louisa; he also has grown children and grandchildren in the area. He was born in Ottawa, served in the Canadian Forces and was stationed with the United Nations overseas. He is a member of the Kentville Hockey Association and also the Canadian Hockey Association serving as Area Director. Councilor Cooper is also a member of the Kentville Lions Club and Knights of Columbus. Bernie was elected to Town Council in October 2004, but has a very long history with the Town. He served as a Police Officer with Kentville Police Services for 29 years and following his retirement from that position, assumed the role as Kentville’s Bylaw Enforcement Officer for 6 years. He received the Exemplary Medal from the Governor General of Canada. He retired once again in March of 2004. In addition to his present Council commitments, he also serves on the Parking Committee (Chairman), the Transportation Services Committee, the Kentville Water Commission and the KVFD Governance Committee. He has been a member of a Physical Fitness club for 15 years. His hobbies include woodworking.

  • Nola Folker-Hill

    Sadly, friend and Council member Nola Folker-Hill passed away on August 4th 2016. She will be missed by Kentville residents, family, and friends. Her contributions to the Town and her public service is well known and will be missed in our community. In honour of Nola, and her civic role, the current Council will leave her name plate at her seat in Council Chambers until the end of this current term.