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Staff Reports

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Webster St Revitalization Report – Presented to Council March 12 2018 Rachel Bedingfield View
Webster St Revitalization Report – Presented to Council April 9 2018 Rachel Bedingfield View


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Correspondence – Richard Kim Richard View
Correspondence – Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition View
Correspondence – Bicycle Nova Scotia Bicycle Nova Scotia View
Correspondence – Brittain James Brittain View
Correspondence – Desloges Brian Desloges View
Correspondence – Durling Tabitha Durling View
Correspondence – Eaton Linda Eaton View
Correspondence – Hearn family Hearn family View
Correspondence – Honey Larry Honey View
Correspondence – Kennedy Barbara Kennedy View
Correspondence – Kentville Fire Kentville Fire View
Correspondence – Lynch Allan Lynch View
Correspondence – Marsters Diane Marsters View
Correspondence – Wightman Howard Wightman View
Correspondence – Windle-Smith Debra Windle-Smith View
Correspondence – Zebian Andrew Zebian View
Correspondence – Zebian (2) Andrew Zebian View
Correspondence – Tupper Belinda Tupper View
Correspondence – Hatchard Cynthia Hatchard View
Correspondence – Gary & Tanya Gary & Tanya View
Correspondence – Cleveland Gary Cleveland View
Correspondence – Mooy Hettie Mooy View
Correspondence – Kyle Jane Kyle View
Correspondence -Gee Jeff Gee View
Correspondence -Cyr Joan Cyr View
Correspondence -MacDonald John MacDonald View
Correspondence -Swindell Kathie Swindell View
Correspondence -Eaton Larry Eaton View
Correspondence -Palmer Liz Palmer View
Correspondence -Nichols Maria Nichols View
Correspondence -Wheaton Penny Wheaton View
Correspondence -Norris Peter and Patti Norris View
Correspondence -Ritcey Dave Ritcey View
Correspondence -Hirschfeld Ralph Hirschfeld View
Correspondence -Ward Tammy Ward View
Correspondence – Keay Ted Keay View
Correspondence – Bauld and Paquet Chad Bauld, Heather Paquet View
Correspondence – KBC Kentville Business Community View
Correspondence – Mullin Pauline Mullin View


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Presentation – Complete Streets Canada, Designing for Change. January 23, 2018 Sandra Snow View
Presentation – Cycling Growth Opportunities in Nova Scotia Rachel Bedingfield View
Presentation – Economic Impact of the Rum Runners Trail, 2017 Rachel Bedingfield View
Presentation – WCCWG Rachel Bedingfield View
Presentation – Kentville Public Meeting April 2018 Rachel Bedingfield View
Presentation – South Park Street Bicycle Land Improvement and Extension Rick Jaques View


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Report – Are Bike Lanes Good for Small Business? Cathy Maxwell View
Report – Are bike lanes truly a scourge for small businesses? Cathy Maxwell View
Report – Ban the bike! How cities made a huge mistake in promoting cycling Craig Gerrard View
Report – Bike lane impact on Bloor business ignored Craig Gerrard View
Report – Bike lanes continue to create problems for commuters Craig Gerrard View
Report – Bike Lanes Good or Bad for Business Cathy Maxwell View
Report – Bike lanes hurt Bloor Street shops Craig Gerrard View
Report – CentreFirst Downtown Amherst Action Strategy Sandra Snow View
Report – Coast to Coast Florida bike trail sparks hotels, shops Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – Economic Impact of Cycle Tourism in Ontario Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – Economic Impact Study for the Rum Runners Trail Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – Edmonton Snow Clearing Pilot Study Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – How small businesses are learning to love bike lanes Cathy Maxwell View
Report – Imagine Kentville Workshop Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – ‘It’s a Disaster’: Cambridge Store Owners Say Bike Lanes Are Bad for Business Craig Gerrard View
Report – Roger Brooks Regional Assessment Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – The Complete Business Case for Converting Street Parking Into Bike Lanes Cathy Maxwell View
Report – The Spend Cycle: How bicycle tourism impacts small communities Cathy Maxwell View
Report – Town of Kentville Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – U.S. Activity Profile, Cycling While on Trips Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – Why Bike Lanes are a Bad Idea Craig Gerrard View
Report – Winter Bike Lane Maintenance Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – WSP Final Report Rachel Bedingfield View
Reports – Active Transportation Alliance, Design Guides Sandra Snow View
Reports – City of Toronto, Reports on Built Environment and Human Health Sandra Snow View
Reports – Curbside Activity Design Rachel Bedingfield View
Reports – Ciy of Toronto – Accessibility Design Guidelines Rachel Bedingfield View
Reports – One-Way Protected Cycle Tracks Rachel Bedingfield View
Report – Harvest Moon Trailway – Kentville Trail Section Rick Jaques View
Report – Report – Cycling Safety, Final Report Rick Jaques View
Report – Excerpts from the Intergrated Community Sustainability Plan for Kentville Sandra Snow View
Report – Excerpts from the Imagine Kentivlle Report Sandra Snow View
Report – Excerpts from the Municipal Planning Strategy Sandra Snow View


Title Submitted By Link
Website – Cape Breton Regional Municipality Active Transportation Sandra Snow View
Website – City of Courtenay, B.C. 5th Street Complete Street Pilot Project Sandra Snow View
Website – Complete Streets for Canada Sandra Snow View
Website – Corporation du Parc Lineaire “P’tit Train du Nord” Cathy Maxwell View
Website – Discover the Fabulous Scenery Along our Linear Parks Cathy Maxwell View
Website – Pelham Niagraga, Active Transportation Sandra Snow View
Website – Strong Towns Sandra Snow View

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