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September 2020 Council meeting

Effective April 27, all council meetings will be live streamed.
During the COVID-19 crisis, Council meetings will proceed as per the directive of the Province which states: "Effective at 2 pm on March 22, 2020, all municipal councils will discontinue holding their meetings in person, instead only virtual meetings may be held by video or telephone. Those virtual meetings must be recorded, and the minutes posted on a public website within 24 hours of the meeting.”
On March 30, 2020, Council also passed the following motion:
That Council adopt temporary procedures outside our normal G70 Meeting Policy for COVID-19 Protocol, to minimize meeting frequency and permit council to make timely decisions;
  • And further that we suspend in-person meeting to comply with the Ministerial order of 22 March 2020 and use the ZOOM application to meet;
  • And Further the chair will poll each member of council during the voting process, “Councillor how say you?”; and
  • And Further we suspend CAC meetings in favour of Council Meetings.

Despite many closures and cancellations, Council and staff continue to work to maintain essential services at this time.  Minutes, agendas, documents, videos and other records can be searched and downloaded here.

Kentville residents elect six councillors and the mayor every four years during municipal elections. This team meets each month during the Council Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting with directors to understand town operations, and to receive recommendations from staff.  During council meetings at the end of each month, council considers these and other recommendations and makes decisions in the best interest of the town. Both the CAC and council meetings are open to the public, either live at Town Hall or online using Facebook Live.  All council meetings and council meeting highlights are available on the town's YouTube channel.