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Kentville Plays Leisure Kits

Kentville Plays Leisure Kits

Here in Kentville, we believe play is important. Not only because it’s fun, but because of the social, intellectual, emotional and physical benefits!

The Parks and Recreation team have designed Kentville Plays Kits. These kits are designed in a 3-kit sequence and have been created based on age – Youth 12-15, Youth 16+, Families and Seniors. The Kentville Parks and Recreation team created these resources to support community partners who were looking for ways to boost the mental, emotional, physical and social health of the community members that they serve. We’re happy to say that they’re finally ready to be shared with you!

If you are looking for a guided leisure education experience, we encourage you to take a look at the related documents to the right. Feel free to print these guides, gather the supplies and create your own kits – for yourself or for a friend or family member.

If you don’t have access to a printer and would like a hard copy, please contact us at and we will be happy to send you a copy.