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Active Transportation

Active Transportation

One of the many important responsibilities of any city or town is to make it easy for their residents to choose from multiple transportation options. Not everyone can or wants to rely on a car to get around. When a community has infrastructure, programs, and policies in place that allow and encourage active transportation, residents are more able and likely to choose alternatives like walking or cycling.

Friends walking in downtown Kentville

Kentville is fortunate to have a very walkable downtown, and an incredible network of trails. Residents can easily and safely choose to walk or bike to get around, and for fun. We are continually working to make walking or wheeling—cycling, scooting, skateboarding, using walkers and wheelchairs, and more—around town even easier and more enjoyable.

To bolster our efforts and ensure a more sustainable Kentville, we’ve developed an Active Transportation Plan. This plan will guide our work over the coming years to make walking and wheeling easier and more desirable for everyone in Kentville.