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About Kentville

About Kentville

A place you feel at home.

Homes. Buildings. Streets. Parks. These physical elements combine to create more than just a place—but a sense of place. A feeling that, yes, there’s something special here. Kentville lives and breaths the very definition of what a great town is.

A true community

Kentville is a rich and diverse community of friendly, helpful, and connected residents—and visitors. Our people savour the chance to share experiences with each other, be it a signature festival  like Harvest Festival, a sporting event, or just bumping into each other at the local pub.

Local residents enjoying an afternoon at the pub patio


Vibrant downtown

Kentville is a charming, dynamic, and compact town centre. Downtown Kentville begs to be explored on foot—but free parking is always nearby. Urban Kentville welcomes you with wide sidewalks, unique shops and dining, live theatre, museums, and historic sites. Also, the sort of small-town energy that feels like a warm hug.

Work and play

Kentville is equal parts professional centre and natural wonder. We’re home to the bulk of the Valley’s legal, professional, financial, government, and health services. So yeah, we get down to work. But we’re also surrounded by a wonderfully diverse, beautiful, and fertile natural beauty. So we also know how to play.

It just might be the perfect place to live, visit, and nurture a business.

Two women walking down Kentville's streets