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In Kentville, there are five departments—five teams of people—who make sure everything in town gets done effectively and efficiently.

Finance Department

The Finance Department’s main functions include customer service/cashier services, tax and utility billing, human resource management, accounting, budgeting, collection, and information technology services. The Director of Finance has overall responsibility for all functions related to the financial matters of the Town of Kentville, Town of Kentville Water Utility, Town of Kentville Sanitary Sewer Area Service, and Town of Kentville Reserve Funds, as well as any statutory requirements as Treasurer under the Municipal Government Act.

Engineering and Public Works

The Department of Engineering and Public Works looks after water treatment and delivery, pipes for water and sewer, roads and sidewalks, and all engineering projects.

Engineering Services facilitates and manages the capital and operating budgets for the town’s transportation services, roads, transport program, environmental health, sanitary sewer and water utility. Road programs include town streets and parking lots, sidewalks, storm sewer, street cleaning, snow and ice removal from streets and parking lots, street lighting, traffic services, and signs.

The Public Works & Water Commission are directed by the Superintendent of Public Works. To learn more about the commission’s activities and town’s water quality, see our most recent Kentville Water Commission Annual Report.

Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation makes sure there are always fun and healthy things for everyone to do in Kentville. From camps to programs to active transportation, Parks and Rec keeps Kentville’s people active—and having fun! Looking for programming and more info? Please visit our website pages for all things recreation.

Planning and Development

The Kentville Planning Department works with our elected officials and the residents of our community to lead the planning process with the goal of creating a livable and vibrant community.


The folks in Administration are the glue that help keep all the departments running smoothly.