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Moving to Kentville

Moving to Kentville

Move to a life that’s…well, moving.

You know that feeling of being emotionally affected—moved—by a great piece of music, or a wonderful movie? People who live in Kentville feel that a lot. Just by going about their daily lives. This is a special place, alive with special moments. Which is why you might want to start calling Kentville home, too.

Kids dancing at the market


Families rejoice

Moms, dads, kids—we got you covered. Kentville's a warm, friendly, and safe place to not just raise kids, but help them thrive. Here, friends are made easily, familiar routines become a joy, and school is as much about the community as the lessons. Quiet moments in a park? Check. Places to run around and go crazy? Check.  

Effortlessly active

One of the wonderful things about a town like Kentville is that it’s easy to choose active living. It’s not just the trails, rec centre, arena, and pool, of course, that encourage a healthy lifestyle. It’s also that town is so walkable—so you can easily choose to leave the car at home.

Seniors on trike



In Kentville, day-to-day life is decorated with the colour and sparkle of events and festivals. Locals and visitors unite! From the signature Multicultural Festival to countless town events, Kentville regularly comes alive with celebration.

Easy on the wallet

Joy, comfort, and authenticity are more affordable than you might think. The cost of living in Kentville is pleasantly within reach. So that house you have your eye on? It’s likely something you can pull off. We invite you to do the math—and then plan your move!