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Town Council has adopted a vision of a sustainable Kentville that “is a healthy, vibrant, integrated and complete community where citizens can live, work and play in an environment that supports a high quality of life”.  The Town’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) is consistent with this vision and sets out the Council’s long-term direction in the following goals:

Friends enjoying fresh air

Economic Sustainability Goals

  • Working with regional partners to support the local agricultural economy.
  • Building on Kentville’s role as the service centre of the Annapolis Valley.
  • Encouraging diversity and entrepreneurship in the local economy.
  • Supporting good infrastructure planning, policies and practices.

Social and Cultural Sustainability Goals

  • Promoting downtown revitalization and safe and accessible public spaces.
  • Recognizing and planning for demographic diversity.
  • Managing sustainable community growth through planning and policy.
  • Encouraging active transportation and a pedestrian-friendly community.
  • Encouraging the diversification of community recreation, arts and culture.

Environmental Sustainability Goals

  • Working regionally & locally to ensure safety & quality of water resources.
  • Supporting regional initiatives to protect and maintain agricultural land.
  • Promoting conservation and renewable energy in the community and region.
  • Working with regional partners to restore the Cornwallis River.
  • Supporting efforts at all levels to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.
  • Supporting regional initiatives for climate change planning and adaptation.
  • Continuing support of solid waste-resource management and public transit.

The ICSP is a touchstone and overarching document for other elements of corporate planning for Kentville, such as the strategic plan, annual budget and operating plans, five-year capital investment plan, and land use planning. Kentville has a history of regional collaboration and cooperation, so it should come as no surprise this is also an inherent part of the ICSP.